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Welcome Clubs International (WCI).

"WCI Brings Together Women's Clubs from Around the World" by Stephanie Kanowitz of

The Washington Diplomat

The Washington Diplomat
January 31, 2017

Maria Fernanda Arduino,
former President of WCI from 2016 to 2019, shares her ideas about how working collaboratively and across cultures is essential to dealing with many of the world's current issues

Arab International Women's Forum (AWIF) News

March 2017 - Issue No. 40

"Today the world has grown in complexity. The need to understand one another and to work collaboratively is proving to be essential to successfully deal with many of the world's current issues. We believe the leadership of women today is necessary and needs to be fostered in every sphere. WCI would like to contribute to this aim through working to relate to women from all backgrounds so that they are leaders of peace, understanding, and compassion in their communities. The vehicle to achieve this aim is education."

"I think that usually, it's lack of knowledge [through which] conflicts may arise because when you get to know a culture, when you get to understand their viewpoints, when you get to know about the history, their art, their music, it's so much that you learn and you understand," said Maria Fernanda Arduino, WCI president.

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